My Beautiful Black Dog

“Black Dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression… I have a beautiful black dog and I called her Creshendorious.”

Part gig, part theatre and a tidal wave of glitter. A poetically wild musical exploring the difficult and beauteous complexity of our fragile minds.

This electrifying show challenges the urgent stigma around mental health and encourages the audience to take ownership over their own black dogs, whilst channelling infectious dance moves, swagger-boss costumes and banging tunes!

“I mean, obviously there are songs and costumes and everything, but it’s all just trappings, really; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so emotionally honest on stage before.” ★★★★ Exuent Magazine

“Imagine the Mighty Boosh crossed with the best episode of Girls. Prepare to cry and laugh several times over. You’ll leave a better person.” Elle Magazine

“You’ll leave the room beaming.” ★★★★★ Todolist

“My Beautiful Black Dog is a raw show in more ways than one, but the warmth and good feeling that it generates is kind of glorious” ★★★★ The Stage

“It’s Original, Heart-Wrenching and Warming all at Once” ★★★★ The List